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CPC-800 Control Protocol Converter View: Larger Image
The Audioaccess CPC800 is the key to restore or expand an existing Audioaccess whole-house audio system. The CPC-800 accepts the input from up to 6 KPS-101 keypads and converts their RS-485 control language, used to communicate with older Audioaccess control units like the PX-600 and PX-700, to RS-232 commands understood by the PX-800.

The new system can be expanded to have up to 16 zones with control of the legacy and new zones performed by 3rd party control system including URC, RTI, Crestron, and IP while local control of the legacy zones is still available from the existing KPS-101 in-room keypads. Features
hide Protocol converter box
hide Converts RS-485 control signals from KPS-101 keypads to RS-232 signals for PX-800
hide Signal Input Connector: six 4-conductor Phoenix-style receptacles.
hide RS-232 9-pin receptacle for signal routing to PX-800 or other RS-232 device.
hide 12-Volt DC power input for supplied external power supply.
hide 90-day parts and labor warranty
Additional Specifications
hide Dimensions (H x W x D)6"W* x 3.25"H** x 1.25"D
(150mm x 83mm x 32mm)
hide Weight5 0z. (15g) (without carton)