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At Audioaccess, our mission is to make operating your home’s music and video entertainment system as effortless as possible. Used with our multiroom control systems, the KPS101 keypad operates your system as easily as a light switch instead of the more common "remote on the wall" approach. You are in command of your tuners, CD changers, satellites and other sources from any room in the house with one simple set of controls. You can even listen to different music in separate rooms, simultaneously, at just the right volume. Additional Specifications
hide Mounting dimensions: 1-1/2" W x 1-3/8" D x 2-3/4" H (38mm x 35mm x 70mm, not including ears)
hide Designed to fit into a single-gang, standard U.S. electrical box
hide Dimensions, bezel: 1-5/16" W x 2-5/8" H (33mm x 67mm)
hide The KPS101 Keypad is available in the following colors: white, almond, ivory and black. All of the keypads fit in a standard Decora®-style wall plate designed to blend with the décor of your home.
hide The KPS101 Keypad allows control of the basic audio functions of the components in your home entertainment system. Simple up/down arrow keys provide volume adjustments and a mute function. If desired, the optional infrared remote provides advanced source control features. Your authorized Audioaccess dealer can also install ¿custom¿ buttons, such as CD1, CD2, DSS and DVD, to match the components in your system.
hide Wire: 4-conductor wire, 22–24-gauge (minimum requirement is phone wire)
hide Connected via screw terminal
hide Bezel colors: white, almond, ivory, black
hide Feature 1Built-in Intelligence: Behind each KPS101 Keypad resides the "brain" for all keypad functions – the KPS101 processor board. The processor board provides intelligent two-way communications by translating each keypad button press into a digital control signal that will be recognized by the Audioaccess system controller. These signals control system functions that include on/off, zone grouping, source selection and control, volume up and down, and muting. In conjunction with the controller, command functions such as "Power On," "Stop" and "Play" are executed in a completely transparent manner.
hide Feature 2Special Data Communication Protocol. The processor board communicates with the Audioaccess system controller using RS-485 communication protocols, designed to be fully compatible with the extensive wiring requirements of a multiroom system in a large residence. Originally designed for use in sophisticated computer networks, the RS-485 communication protocol used in the Audioaccess system assures the customer of simple, intuitive and reliable system operation. Intelligence, simplicity and reliability – hallmarks of the Audioaccess Multiroom Control System.
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hide MK/WR-BWeather-Resistant Keypad Mounting Kit - Brass
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