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PX-800 System Summary

The PX-800 system is all about simplicity in the control of whole-house music and offers the ultimate in audio reproduction. For background music, wide bandwidth and high-current audio circuits deliver music that is lifelike at even the lowest of volume levels. The audio quality is on par with separate high-quality component systems when only the best musical detail and imaging is desired. Compatible for background music, the system is uniquely capable for use in even demanding listening environments.

Unlike earlier Audioaccess systems that required a local keypad for zone control, the PX-800 breaks tradition and allows system control by IP and from the industry's leading 3rd party control companies including: Control 4, RTI, URC, Crestron and others. When used with properly configured 3rd party control, iPads and iPhones can be used to run the show. Should the PX-800 be added to replace or expand upon a previous Audioaccess system, use of the Audioaccess CPC-800 Control Protocol Converter even allows zone control from existing KPS-101 keypads.

  • PX-800 Multiroom Audio Controller
  • AT6012 12-Channel Amplifier
  • Control Protocol Converter


    The PX-800 Multiroom Audio Controller

    The heart of a superior-sounding system, the PX-800 is both the brains and audio-switching center of your multizone system. Advanced preamplifier circuits provide the quality of separate components. Control functions manage source functions by receiving control signals from IR, RS-232 and 3rd part control systems. Adding Audioaccess CPC-800 Control Protocol converter even allows use of existing Audioaccess KPS keypads and touchscreens with the new system. 16 sources may be connected to the controller, and sources may be shared throughout the house or even dedicated to a specific zone of the home. The PX-800 routes audio to 16 zones and may be expanded to up to 48 zones and 144 total rooms with use of additional PX-800's.

    The AT6012 12-Channel Amplifier

    Connected to the PX-800 may be one or more AT6012 12-channel amplifiers to provide clean amplifier power for your multiroom environment. Power for each of the 12 channels is delivered by a pair of high-current output transistors capable of delivering over 200 watts. With a power rating of 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz with less than .05 THD, the AT6012 will drive virtually any loudspeaker to room-filling volume.

    The KPS101 Keypad

    Now discontinued, details on the KPS-101 are included here as the KPS keypads may be used with the PX-800 by adding the Audioaccess CPC-800 Control Protocol Converter. The CPC converts RS-485 commands used in the KPS keypads to RS-232 commands that are understood by the PX-800. Up to 6 keypads can be plugged into the CPC-800. This allows the PX-800 to be used as a drop-in replacement in legacy systems that used Audioaccess' PX-600 and PX-700 controllers.

    Should the homeowner choose to expand an existing PX-600/PX-700 system beyond its initial topology, the PX-800/CPC-800/KPS-101 combination can control the existing zones. Added zones plus the existing zones can then be operated using any of the 3rd party control options available with the PX-800. Thus Audioaccess offers a very convenient method to both expand and modernize an existing whole-house audio system.

    The eight easy-to-read buttons on the KPS101 keypad allow both access and control of up to five sources of your multiroom system. Press a source button and the music fills the room. Press again and the source changes channels or skips a song. A press-and-hold function allows for a third function such as advancing to a new playlist or accessing additional channels. An integral IR receiver allows advance source control from an Audioaccess® remote.

    The CPC-800 Protocol Converter

    The CPC-800 accepts the 4-wire inputs from up to 16 KPS audio zones (Up to 6 keypads may be connected directly. External parallel connections are required if more than 6 keypads are to be used), reads their RS-485 signal codes and converts those codes to RS-232 commands to control source selection, zone operation and output level of the PX-800.